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  • smriti reviewed Deepshikha Sharma

    bad delayed service. never going there again. Physiotherapist deepshikha is more interested in our i... Read more

  • Natalie reviewed Devon Shymko

    The best Physio in winnipeg!!

  • jesuraj reviewed Shanthi Jemima Jebaraj

    She is wonderful doctor.

  • Jocelyn reviewed Irinici Steven

    Craven Sports, great to work with.

  • Lorna Derksen reviewed O’Mahony-Guyn, Aingeal

    I suffered from vertigo 24/7 and was off work for 1 year. The dr.s didn't help at all. My insurance ... Read more

  • Estelle Legault reviewed Alain Rocque

    Very good physiotherapist. Gets my back and neck to permanent use. Assist with migraine management.

  • Denise reviewed Julie Elizabeth Marlatt

    Is nice at first, but it is just a facade. Very condescending in tone and treats you as if you’re s... Read more

  • Kylie reviewed Derek John Weiss

    The staff is very unprofessional and inconsiderate of their patients. Sure they are friendly but th... Read more

  • Albert Massia reviewed Karen E. Gordon

    I found her to be very good and knowledgeable.

  • Suzanne reviewed Helena Burnett

    Helena Burnett is the type of Physio' who will understand the injuries and limitations a client has... Read more

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