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  • Susan Hryciw reviewed Burrows, Blayne Elizabeth

    I had a very good experience here! Blayne is very positive and has a great personality. I went to ... Read more

  • Roger Martin reviewed Simo O. Partanen

    Visited Simo for treating my heel. Following consultation he started with Intra Muscular Stimulatio... Read more

  • Pew reviewed Dusk Physiotherapy

    They take cash but don't deliver. Caution.

  • Dean Kamminga reviewed Jennifer Penman

    I started seeing Jennifer for a sore thigh muscle and knee that caused limited movement. I have sin... Read more

  • Tanya reviewed Roger Norris

    I have been seeing roger at sooke evergreen for the past 2 months now. And I find that he doesn't re... Read more

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