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  • Carmela A reviewed Zofia Nikipierowicz

    Zofia is knowledgeable, thorough and she genuinely cares about creating a plan to get you better. I... Read more

  • Bryce Scown reviewed Helena Burnett

    Helena Burnett has a bad attitude, do not trust her with your healthcare.

  • Jim Reid reviewed Sarah Jane Keller

    Horrible and fake condescending personality. Enjoy living single with a dog or cats for the rest o... Read more

  • Anonymous reviewed Miss Nadja Compton

    Mrs Nadja Compton has been report the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. I will most cer... Read more

  • Moji Ramoji reviewed Miss Meokho Mokone

    I did not know what to expect on my first appointment but believe you me by the time the session was... Read more

  • yh hemsol reviewed Jana Helena Prevratska

    Jana Prevatska is on the highest caliber for a physiotherapist. Also, if you need more time than all... Read more

  • James reviewed Paul Stephen Platt

    Paul knows his stuff. When I visit him, he always seems knowledgeable and quick to diagnose my sympt... Read more

  • Physio Patient reviewed Emily Johnson

    Emily is an excellent physiotherapist: she's knowledgeable, friendly, down-to-earth, and open to rec... Read more

  • Sarah reviewed Yolanda Tsang

    Yolanda has horrible client services and ripped me off. I had booked an apt and had to cancel due to... Read more

  • Karen Afonso reviewed John D. Brice

    John Brice was my first physiotherapist and, if I remember correctly, I was his very first patient... Read more

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