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  • Gail reviewed Miss Nicole Duff


  • Benny reviewed Paramjot Bhalla

    Excellent! Great knowledge of patient care and treatment!

  • Matthew Carter reviewed Mrs Alison Dun

    Alison in an excellent physio, highly recommend he for any type of treatment. Especially needling.

  • Jack reviewed Miral Patel


  • Not guilty reviewed Victor Malbon

    Victor is ignorant and very arrogant. He has very little general knowledge. He loves fondling the g... Read more

  • Sean Cruise reviewed Michael Anthony Palombo

    Professional, dedicated. Very personable. Knows his stuff and will make you feel better than you did... Read more

  • Liz reviewed John Timothy Lawrence

    Very knowledgeable and helpful

  • Taylor MacLean reviewed Dirk, Shellene Lois

    She was very unpleasant.

  • Patty Anne Hill reviewed Richard Nathaniel Yearwood

    I went to Richard Yearwood for a very sore back. He was very thorough. Very kind. Found the sour... Read more

  • Dan Clarke reviewed Lisa Rahn

    Wonderful PT with a vast knowledge of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. A true specialist at ... Read more

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