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  • Shareefa reviewed Mr Shane Jabaar

    Complete disregard for time.

  • Roley L. reviewed Ariel Leyson

    Mr. Ariel Leyson is a skilled and knowledgeable physiotherapist. He is a mobile physiotherapist that... Read more

  • Mohammad reza reviewed Alireza Jafarzadeh Maleki

    He was a professional and acknowledge physiotherapist that I have ever seen. I have a backache more... Read more

  • AM reviewed Karl Roff

    Karl is a great physiotherapist. He helped me with my sports injury, and shared excellent and posit... Read more

  • Alberto capiral reviewed Julia Ito

    She so good and nice. All the exercises that she told me help me a lot. Before I can't even sit down... Read more

  • Paula Yerex reviewed Charlton, Anna Nichole

    Prasanna Subramaniam has been an excellent Physio Therapist....getting me on the right track with al... Read more

  • Patty Smith reviewed Meredith Wilson

    Meredith was fabulous! She really listened to my concerns and sometimes my whining! She was so helpf... Read more

  • Sue Booth reviewed Debbie Barclay

    I have just had a full hip replacement at Southern Cross Hospital. Debbie was my Physio and was with... Read more

  • Joanne K. reviewed Jennifer Lynn Van Kampen

    Jennifer is a very fine physiotherapist who cares about her patients !!

  • Carla CG reviewed Curtis Humeniuk

    I have never been to other Physiotherapists, but I could say that Curtis may be one of the best ther... Read more

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