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  • Doug Hayhoe reviewed Fady Rofail

    I visit Fady several times a few years ago, with respect to back pain. His work was a great help to ... Read more

  • Saqib Khan reviewed Humail Jamil

    Thorough professional gentleman. I would highly recommend this gentleman to my friends and family m... Read more

  • Aaron reviewed Steven E. Savage

    Steve was truly excellent. I think it took us a few appointments to get a "feel" for one and other.... Read more

  • George reviewed Corbin Hedt

    Highly recommend

  • lorena sale reviewed Jeff Orchard

    I had an injury from work lower L 4,5 back and S I joints. Jeff was punctual and great bedside manne... Read more

  • Thera Wind reviewed Marika Panchuk

    Hi Marika Is it possible We met in Chambery in 1981? My name is Thera Dupraz -Wind, I’m dutch. W... Read more

  • Joyce Bradley reviewed Evelyn Morrison

    Very down to earth, practical, knowledgeable; has always improved my health (and I only go when I re... Read more

  • Abigail Lutz reviewed Charlene A. Dotzert

    Charlene was amazingly helpful. She possesses such knowledge as I've never seen in any other physiot... Read more

  • Michael reviewed Shelagh Haynes

    One of the most knowledgeable physios in my day and i've seen a many. I had my doubts at first but ... Read more

  • CD reviewed Amelia Sedor

    Amy is amazing! she is such a great physiotherapist. My daughter has been seeing her for a while now... Read more

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