• Maxine Zdebiak posted an update 1 week ago

    I want to bring attention once again to an amazing Physiotherapist, Cam Kuzyk,
    (Owner/Director,B.Sc.P.T., Gunn IMS) of Parkland Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in Spruce Grove ! https://www.parklandrehab.com/. Cam has been extremely helpful to me, friends and family, but for me a God send! He has kept me away from 3 surgeries. Yup, 3! I was scheduled to have neck surgery 2 x’s and with Cam’s help, I’ve not only stayed away from Dr. W …, (nice man, but I’ve have had too many surgeries!) and lower back surgery; both would include rods, screws etc. and a long and for me, 2 prior proved poor recovery , not for all, but for me it has been 4 yrs. My knee (s) so bad I could barely walk. Now one block at a time!! 🙂 It’s a distance from our home, 45 minutes, but I see patients there coming to see him and his co-owners for 100’s of miles; the entire team are just that good. If you are thinking of surgery, see him first!