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    Miss Lesley Meyer is a Registered Physiotherapist working at Rabie Road Eldoragaine, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa. Scroll down to read reviews and ratings for this physio. Call 082-551-0388 today to book an appointment with this physio. If you have recently been treated by this physio, please feel free to leave your feedback below. Your review will help several others in Centurion who are looking for a good physiotherapist!

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    Clinic: Rabie Road Eldoragaine
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    23 Reviews on “Miss Lesley Meyer”

    1. Nicole Miss Lesley Meyer

      I highly recommend Lesley for help with various issues related to pain, anxiety and depression. She is so passionate about helping others and her techniques are amazing and help with healing. Love the EFT (tapping) with trauma and emotional healing helped so much. All the best Lesley with your continued success of healing of others it is needed so much in the world now

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        It is always so nice to hear from my patients who have not been to visit for ages or who have left the Country to go to greener pastures. I am so glad that I was able to help you change your reality to enable you to do so much more than you were with little or no anxiety. Thanks for the great review.

    2. Fleur Simon Miss Lesley Meyer

      Lesley is the best pain management professional I have ever met. She is a wonderful person and is
      completely committed to the recovery of her patients. Lesley has changed my life and she continues to be a constant source of support, both medically and emotionally.

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        Working with difficult cases is challenging and exciting and I love helping you through to full recovery even if it takes a long time. Thanks for the great review.

      2. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        Finding the cause of the problem is always high on my list even if it takes a long time to find it. Sometimes I wish I could wave a magic wand and take away all the pains, however, sometimes this too is part of your journey on finding the answers you need before you can overcome your pains. Thanks for the great review.

    3. Mari-Lize Miss Lesley Meyer

      Lesley het waarlik ‘n passie vir haar werk. Van die eerste oomblik dat mens by Leslie instap voel mens tuis en kom mens agter dat jy as persoon vir haar belangrik is. Die ‘probleem’ waarvoor jy by haar praktyk ingestap het is vir haar belangrik. En dit is belangrik dat dit uitgesorteer kom 🙂 Ek dink ek kan met alle eerlikheid
      se dat ek nog nie iemand ontmoet het wat haar werk met soveel passie aanpak nie. Sal haar ENIGETYD vir ENIGE IEMAND aanbeveel. Jy is ‘n inspirasie Lesley! Doen so voort ….. 🙂

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        Die stories van mense wat al lank sukkel met pyn word oor vertel aan daai wat nuut die padjie aanvat om hulle te inspireer. Ek is baie bly dat ek die kennis gehad het om jou te help. Dankie vir die wonderlike woorde wat jy geskryf het.

    4. Anne Rossouw Miss Lesley Meyer

      Ek sal Lesley enige tyd vir almal aanbeveel. Sy maak ‘n behoorklike studie van al jou probleme, soek die oorsaak en dokter dit, sy dokter nie net simptome nie. Sy word later soos jou vriendin en maak altyd tyd vir jou!

      1. Lesley Miss Lesley Meyer

        Elke persoon wie kom is belangrik en ek vind dit opvindend om julle stories te hoor en uit te vind wat vout is. Dankie vir die wonderlike rating.

      1. Lesley Miss Lesley Meyer

        It was a great challenge to help you overcome your pain & I’m grateful for your review & glad you had a good experience.

    5. Douglas Goddard Miss Lesley Meyer

      Lesley is very kind haerted and understanding. She goes the extra mile to help you in any situation. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She every now and again does courtesy calls to find out how you doing? She really does care for her patients.

      1. Lesley Miss Lesley Meyer

        Each person has a unique story & a unique journey of healing. Different techniques work differently for each person & i love to hear how one improves even after only one session. It’s inspiring to hear how one can lift yourself out of a depressed state once u get understanding of the situation. Understanding is 50% ahead in total healing & transformation. Thank you for a great review.

    6. Julie Bossé Miss Lesley Meyer

      Ek kan met tevredenheid sé dat met die sesses wat ek deur Lesley behandel is /was. Het ek elke minuut geniet omdat sy dit met oorgawe gedoen het. Die dat ek in 4 motor ongelukke oorleef het en met permanente geswelde bene het. Kon sy my onmiddelike advies voorsien het het die probleem behandel. Ek sal graag nog vir behandelings gaan. Baie dankie Lesley. En sien uit na my sessies.

      1. Lesley Miss Lesley Meyer

        Dit is altyd lekker om met julle te werk en om nuwe goed uit te dink om julle te help met julle probleme. Die vrae en belangstelling help om vir julle te leer hoe om oor julle probleme te kom. Dankie vir die wonderlike terugvoering.

    7. James Bold Miss Lesley Meyer

      Having terrible back pain I saw a neurosurgeon. He suggested surgery to relieve the pain in my lower back. After listening to his theory, his explanations did not make sense to me and I decided against the surgery. Walking was such an issue when walking in the mall that I had to suspend myself with a trolley as though I was doing shopping. I heard of Lesley through my friend Lulu who was a patient of hers. On contacting Lesley I said that I wanted to come and discuss my problem with her, but felt that it may be a waste of time as I wanted a second opinion but not from a surgeon. After explaining to Lesley what my problem seemed to be, she said she could treat the problem as there was a lot of muscular involvement and that if the pain persisted that we would discuss other options then. My first appointment was on November with two other sessions close together. The fourth was a month after my third session. I was given certain exercises to do and my lower back pain was slowly disappearing. After four sessions I could walk properly without the use of a trolley. After that, I went for three more treatments and my back problems are becoming less every day. I go for a brisk walk every day for about an hour. I prefer walking in the mall as I believe it to be safer than walking in the street.

      1. Lesley Miss Lesley Meyer

        I enjoyed treating your complex problem and know that by improving muscle length and strength you can reduce a lot of the pains experienced in your body. When this happens, you are automatically able to do more and feel like a new person with a new zest for life. I am truly pleased that I could be of service to you. thank you for a wonderful review.

        1. Zayda Miss Lesley Meyer

          I am looking for Lesley Meyer, daughter of Dr George and Cookie Meyer. My mom and dad was Dick and Mayda Botha.

          1. Lesley Miss Lesley Meyer

            HI Zayda. This is the right person you are looking for. I am Lesley Meyer Daughter of Dr George Meyer with all the siblings.

    8. Hester Bester Miss Lesley Meyer

      Liewe Lesley baie dankie vir hierdie boek wat my gehelp het om pyn beter te verstaan, beter keuses te maak en onderskeid te tref tussen fisiese en emotionelepyn. Die besef hoe belangrik oefening en gesonde dieeet is. Vier maande later was ek fiks, vrolik en 10kg ligter. Dankie vir jou unieke behandeling wat my lewe hand omkeer varander het. Groete Hester Bester

      1. Lesley Miss Lesley Meyer

        Dit maak my dag elke keer as ek hoor hoe groot n impak ek op ander mense se lewens het. Dit was die hele doel van my boek, om ander te motiveer om beter te doen en hulle lewens heeltemal om te keer om geluk, vreugde en gesondheid te bring. Dit is altyd n plesier om julle te behandel veral as julle so gretig is om die werk te doen en al wat ek hoef te doen is die sweep elke nou en dan klap, en gesels oor alles wat julle al bereik het. Dankie vir n wonderlike brief dit is op reg waardeur.

    9. Polly Miss Lesley Meyer

      Lesley being a patient of yours has taught me that you are not just my physiotherapist. You have helped physically and mentally with your techniques. Thank you

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        It is always a pleasure treating you and your family. There are many challenges one faces when dealing with chronic pain and when one constantly gets injured in a new place it makes it harder to keep going and keep your head up. You have done very well with dogging along and you need to just keep dogging along to get over all your pains.

    10. Marie Miss Lesley Meyer

      Lesley! I love your holistic approach to your patients, which is what I practice for many years now. Hope more physios go that route. I believe that healing needs to take all the 7 levels of Existence into consideration!

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        I was always inspired by your treatments and the classes you offered when teaching us at the university. It is always nice to catch up when you come to South Africa for a visit and to hear the new things you have been learning and how we can inspire each other to do and be more.

    11. Dawn Miss Lesley Meyer

      I Met Lesley while she was treating another patient at Little Company of Mary hospital and we got chatting. The Child’s mother was a close friend of mine and she gave Lesley a glowing recommendation. I consulted Lesley for an ongoing problem which no one was able to help me with. After a few consultations, Lesley told me that I no longer needed further treatment, she was right. I have been fine ever since.
      She treated my grandaughter and even helped her at a concert when she hurt her muscle and she was able to dance in all the routines she was listed to participate in.
      I recommended Lesley to several other people and all of them have been successfully treated. Among them was my Pastor who brought his grandchild to Lesley. She realised the child had deep-seated emotional problems and was able to help him overcome it. As a result, his performance at school improved a great deal. My pastor learnt from these visits. Lesley taught him quite a lot during the consultations. He told me that he was deeply grateful to her because he had successfully applied the knowledge he gained from her with some of his own people and got positive results.
      K hold Lesley in high regard for her work as a physiotherapist and have no hesitation in recommending her.

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        Although I know how powerful the EFT technique is, it is always a treat to hear how it has empowered others to take it forward and help people in need. I had no idea that it had had such a huge butterfly effect and I am truly honoured to have been part of this wonderful movement forward into releasing the traumas people have been through. Thank you for a wonderful review it is truly appreciated and makes me want to take my treatments to even more people who will use the information for good.

    12. Phia Miss Lesley Meyer

      Ek het al verskeie maal na haar gegaan met verskillende beserings.
      Eerstens (sekerlik 7 jaar gelede), wees stres was my regte skouer (eientlik my hele lyf) in spasma en kon ek skaars my regtehand gebruik. Dit was baie pynlik en ek het gesukkel om te slaap/werk/ontspan, weens die ongerief. Met behulp van verskeie toepassings en tegnieke het sy my behandel en ek is genees, tot vandag.
      Tweedens, weens ‘n sportbesering en ongelukbesering is my regteknie se gebruik ingeperk en verkeer ek in
      konstante pyn. Sy het my ‘n baie eenvoudige oefening gewys en huidiglik as ek pyn voel doen ek die oefening en die pyn bedaar – wonderlik en ek is haar ewig dankbaar!
      Haar kamers is ‘n rustige omgewing waar jy kan ontspan en genesing kry.

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        Dit is vir my net so groot a geleentheid om julle as pasiente te sien. Ek geniet dit om aan almal te werk en eenvoudige oplossings vir julle te gee om julle lewens makliker te maak en pyn vry te kry. Dankie vir die wonderlike verwysing.

    13. Tatenda Miss Lesley Meyer

      Lesley is a Physiotherapist of great note. I highly recommend her for treatment of complex challenges. Her approach to the challenge of chronic inflammation is unique and amazing. She is a born seeker and keeps on educating herself about various avenues of human wellness. She is simply the best!

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        I enjoy treating every single patient who comes to me. Each one has a different challenge & if struggling to respond I dream up new ideas & ways of treating them to achieve the goal I have set out for them. I was very pleased when you achieved full ROM & was pain-free after such a short time. Thank you for the great review.

    14. Maryanne Christoforou Miss Lesley Meyer

      Lesley is extremely passionate about her work and her patients. Every session is filled with love and a smile. I always walk away feeling rejuvenated and better.

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        I love treating a variety of people & hearing their stories. I have read several self-development books that help me listen without judgement & be able to give advice from having been in the same situation & moving through it. It is an absolute pleasure treating you. Thank you for the kind review

    15. Andreas Miss Lesley Meyer

      I find needling to be a very intense treatment. I Would not trust any other Physiotherapist but Lesley to do needling when I required or needed.

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        Needling is an intense form of treatment and can give strong autonomic reactions. It is one of the best forms of treatment when it comes to chronic pain and I know that although it is painful it is well worth it as it can remove your chronic pain. Thanks for a great review.

    16. Tossy Raynor Miss Lesley Meyer

      I have been going to Lesley for about 15 years. I had bad neck injury with intense pain and Lesley really helped reduce the pain and did mental and emotional exercises to help me cope with the whole experience and change of lifestyle. I am eternally grateful to her. Thanks Les

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        When you arrived at my practice I was determined to help ease your pain & prevent surgery. I love a challenge & feel there is no injury or problem too big for me to handle. Some take a bit more time than others to clear but I’m willing to put in the time & effort to improve your health. Thanks for a great review

    17. Charles Gilfillan Miss Lesley Meyer

      I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis that initially affected my wrists and later my knees and in the last 8 years my lower back. I first went to Lesley in 2006. I am a veterinarian who had to leave work in private practice because of severe knee pain. When I first went to Lesley I was unable to function without constantly wearing knee guards on both knees and wrist guards on both wrists. She systematically treated all my joints from my neck down to my toes to release all my muscles and then gave me exercises to do to build up my muscles. In the beginning I visited her on a weekly basis, this later went to monthly appointments. I am now at a stage where I am able to function without knee or wrists guards and I am able to manage my joint pains via stretching, exercise and the occasional visit to Lesley when my joints pains become to difficult for me to handle. I especially appreciate her holistic approach to treatment and that she teaches her patients to manage their conditions on their own. I will never be cured of Rheumatoid Arthtis but thanks to Lesley I can manage my condition successfully. I can recomend her to any person who suffers from chronic joint pains or a person who is recovering from Orthopedic Surgery.

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        It is always a pleasure to take on a challenge and great to hear that my patients are so much better and can manage their own lives successfully. This is the joy of my work.

    18. Sandra Borralho Miss Lesley Meyer

      I had a minor car accident late 2017. This resulted in soft tissue trauma to my left arm and with unexplained severe right hand weakness and pain. After more than 12 months of other conventional treatments including 2 cortisone injections, a thumb spica splint, two sonars, x-rays, countless pain meds and then the threat of exploratory surgery I approached Lesley for help. Lesley did not only look for the problem but also looked at my health holistically. After 6 needling sessions I can safely say that my un-diagnosed whiplash and hand are fixed and I am no longer in need of medication for my IBS and PCOS. If you are looking for a physio who looks outside the box, really listens to you and finds solutions to chronic issues, I cannot recommend Lesley highly enough.

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        I find it a treat to listen to new patients & figure out what the cause of the problem is. It’s all in the taking of the history. If u know what caused the injury, you are 50% ahead in curing the problem. Then its a question of doing what you have been asked to do & voila the problem is resolved. Thanks for a great review

    19. Johann Muller Miss Lesley Meyer

      I have had all my neck vertebrae fused as well as two lower back fudions. I was in constant pain despite the surgeries and took Oxynorm and Oxycontin which didn’t bring much relief.

      After my weekly physio sessions with a series of other physiotherapists, my back and neck were painful again by the time I got to my car.

      Then I met Lesley Meyer! With the initial help of Dr Duim (Neurologist) and Lesley’s combination of therapieso am pain free and only take Panado for pain once in a while.

      My life has turned around completely due to Lesley’s incredible skill, experience and compassion.

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        It has always been a pleasure to treat you. When we first met it was a challenge to get you pain-free and now the job is done, it’s just a pleasure to catch up during our sessions and hear how wonderful you have done. Thanks for the great review.

    20. Gabriella Miss Lesley Meyer

      I am very fond of Lesley’s variety of treatments and methods. Not only is she outstanding at getting to the route of a problem (being it physical or emotional), she is able to relate to just about anyone which is one of the many attributes that set her apart from the rest. I would highly recommend paying Lesley a visit, your experience will not be that of your conventional Physiotherapist (and I say this as a compliment).

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        I am so pleased you responded so well to the treatment and even more pleased that when you needed help after 9 years you knew where to come. For me the jam is that you have learnt through the sessions and know your body well enough to know when you can no longer do things on your own. Thank you for the great review.

    21. Sheila Miss Lesley Meyer

      Lesley is a true specialist in her field. She doesn’t just treat the symptoms but looks for the root cause of the problem. Always experimenting with new methods and approaches to healing. Feel like a million bucks after a treatment with her!

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        It is always a pleasure treating you and your family. The challenge again is to find the underlying cause and then to help you move into a pain-free state. Always great chatting and catching up on the news and all the wonderful things that you are up to and improving on. Thank you for a great review.

    22. Pieter Langenhoven Miss Lesley Meyer

      There is a reason why Lesley is still my physiotherapist after 16years!

      1. Lesley Meyer Miss Lesley Meyer

        I know that when you call it is because you are so desperately needing the needles. Your favourite.Ha Ha.
        I have known you through thick and thin and still a pleasure to treat you and laugh about all the fun tails you tell. Thank you for the great review.

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